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Something You've Never Seen Before!

I have been a freelance filmmaker and photographer for the past thirteen years and I am incredibly passionate about the art of storytelling. I believe videos and photos are opportunities to inspire, create and re-live. Media is essential to an organization’s growth and it’s imperative in preserving our most precious memories. It is my personal goal to creatively make the absolute best videos and photos possible while maintaining the utmost integrity and thoroughness with my clients. I want my creations to surpass people’s expectations and to truly be something they’ve never seen before.

In my pursuit to constantly better myself and my productions I’ve been able to invest in and expand a wide inventory of some of the latest and most advanced equipment in the filmmaking and photographic industry. Your project is important and I believe it requires not only the hands and minds of professionals but the best tools available to execute those ideas.

I look forward to having the opportunity to show you something you’ve never seen before.


Joshua J. Cordero

Joshua J. Cordero - Owner/Operator of Remscape

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